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One-on-one Yoga Therapy for Physical and Emotional Healing, Personal Growth and 12-Step Recovery

Yoga Teacher & Therapist Skill Building

As your yoga therapist I will listen, observe, and design a daily practice that is individualized, multifaceted and has the capacity to work simultaneously on the body, breath, mind, emotions, and personality; all 5 intrinsically-intertwined dimensions of the human system as described by the Pañchamaya model, a traditional Indian anatomy that is foundational to the application of yoga for healing.

As you do your daily practice you will make your own discoveries. I will be there to support you and advance your practice as you progress. The process is a relationship between teacher/mentor and student, and is the heart of the viniyoga tradition.

I offer a unique blend of skills drawn from 25 years as a physical therapist and a decade applying yoga therapy within and outside that context. This combination has been especially valuable both in treating individuals experiencing physical issues and in providing education and guidance to other yoga teachers and therapists.

“Deb is a TOTAL healer... She was the PRIMARY person I relied on when my neck was injured. She knows so much – from physical therapy to the latest surgical techniques, healing yoga…. Yes I had surgeons and PTs etc, but it was Deb and only Deb who could see the whole picture, who really listened to what was going on with me... She was my guide through understanding the injury, understanding how to heal, and the healing itself. I’m really not sure what I would have done without her wisdom. She was absolutely priceless during 4 months of a very difficult time. Her knowledge blew me away. It’s been a year since my injury and I think about Deb every morning as I do the healing yoga she prescribed. I couldn’t be more impressed or more grateful. If you have Deb Hopkins on your side, you’re set!Read More

Anh O.

“I am a cancer survivor, having gone through chemotherapy, surgery and radiation, with some post treatment problems and disability... One year after the above treatments, I was still very weak, with poor endurance, scars limiting flexibility in my joints, decrease muscle strength, decrease in balance. I was only able to only take short breaths and gets short of breath easily with talking. I also have low volume in my voice production. Debbie started me on a personalized Yoga program. Her training as a physical therapist has also helped her understand my restrictions, weaknesses and disabilities. Through the past 3 years, Debbie gradually guided me through a personalized, progressive Yoga program targeting my areas of inadequacy. Under her expert, discerning, knowledgeable guidance.., I have noticed continued improvements in flexibility, strength, endurance, balance, the quality of my breathing, and my voice production. I can now finally have full normal flexibility in my shoulder and trunk, able to walk up/down stairs, able to walk faster without getting too short of breath, and able to talk more like a normal human being again. Throughout our sessions together, she has been very professional, understanding, patient, clear in her instructions: oral and written, and very patient in guiding through my Yoga program. Debbie also treats me as a whole person: mentally and physically and has been most supportive. I slowly bloom and thrive under her tender, loving, compassionate and nurturing care. A BIG Thank-you and my deepest appreciation to Debbie.Read More

Susie C.